Osteopathic center for education and nutrition

55 North Gilbert Street

Suite 3102
Tinton Falls, NJ 07701

NJ: 732-219-8664

241 W. 30th st.

6th floor (Medicine Lodge Clinic)

New York, NY 10001

NY: 212.414.9435

Email: info@theoceannj.com

​Hours of Operation by appointment only

NJ​-alternate Wednesdays 8:30am-5pm

Saturdays 8am-noon

Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays varying hours

NY-alternate Wednesdays 10:30am-6pm

Thursdays 8:30am-5pm


New Jersey | 732.219.8664


Osteopathic Medicine

Evan S. Rubin, D.O.

New York 212.414.9435