A lifetime of chronic illness, sensory issues, severe food and environmental allergies and asthma...

"My son J is a handsome boy, funny and affectionate.  This is a huge difference from few years ago.  J has had a lifetime of chronic illness, sensory issues, severe food and environmental allergies and asthma!  The complexity of J's health issues affects his brain, his moods and his behavior. It causes him to feel very irritable and anxious and culminates in tantrums and rages. All of this has put him in a constant state of discomfort.            

I have been using nutritional interventions (biomedics) to boost his immune system to help him get balanced and function. The challenges to stability have been immense!

About a month ago… J was so aggressive and having episodes where he was attacking us, throwing things and scratching and hurting himself. His fits of rage and hysterical aggression usually ended in an assualt to me or his sister. Jake would turn into the incredible hulk and have strength that was unusual for a 5 yr old.            

In addition, due to allergy season , he was very pale and had those horrible dark circles under his eyes. And social situations, big crowds or just small groups of people whatever, he just could not handle it - he would be clinging to me like a koala bear on a eucalpytus tree and eventually go into a fit of some sort!

I have been trying to hold off on medicating J even amidst the numerous diagnoses and recommendations by the doctors.  J may very well have a neurological brain disorder and/or a possible future diagnoses of a psychiatric disorder.

But just recently, I found Dr. Evan Rubin and at the same time I finally made that dreaded appt to finally medicate J which I absolutely did not want to do.  But J had now become a danger to himself and his family.  Luckily there was a month wait-list for that Physch appt and we started OMM first.

After even the first visit with Evan, J seemed happier and more tolerant. The fits of rage decreased in intensity and were not everyday. His dark eyes cleared up immediately and we went from 6 nebulizer treatments a day to none – even in the midst of the worst allergy season!  With each OMM visit now, J is getting better.  The transformation is just mind boggling and phenomenal to watch! Jake is finally, at 5 years old, blossoming into who he is meant to be. He is happy to be here, happy to play, enjoying events and people he never before could have.  He is opening up on so many levels.  I’ve cancelled that shrink appt now!

 I share my story to stress that when conventional medicine has nothing to offer you, there is an alterntative - you have to look elsewhere till you find the answers! I found the power of Osteopathy to work for us!  I've watched my son transform into a fully functional little 5 year old boy – developmentally I’ve watched his mind work and think out loud and put sentences together.  Spiritually, I am now watching my little boy open his eyes and heart and actually enjoy life!

So for all those children and parents who love them so much, for the parents who desperately need someone to listen to them and believe what they are going through and to know that even on those incredibly overwhelming days where you don’t want to do it ever again but have to, there is hope and recovery is possible! I hope this helps at least one other family. 

As a parent who never stops searching for answers I am filled with admiration for Dr. Rubin- medically and spiritually his knowledge, expertise, guidance, support and help have enriched J's life and there are no words to describe my gratitude."  -LF

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Dr. Rubin changed S's life after only 2 visits!

"S was born with torticollis, a cramped twisted muscle in her neck. Her development was delayed due to the pinched muscle. Her head was tilted and she always looked up to the right. My pediatricians did not bring it to my attention until her 6 month well visit. I had asked them what it was at her 4 month well visit, but they ordered 2 rounds of bloodwork because they thought it was an extremely enlarged lymph node. After all bloodwork was normal, they encouraged me to start physical therapy, at 6 months which is extremely late in the game. I took her to a physical therapist who was very abrasive and manipulated her to the point of screaming. Needless to say, I never went back to that person. I then found a PT to come to my home who told me S was past the point of being able to be helped by PT, and that hopefully it would work itself out on it's own. Had I done nothing she may not have been crawling, or developing normally!  S was also born with an enlarged lymph node behind her right ear, same side as the torticollis, that I was told by our pediatrician would never go away. 

After Evan gave her only 2 treatments S's torticollis is completely healed. She is crawling and pulling herself up, etc and has full range of motion with her head and neck. The enlarged lymph node behind her ear is GONE! She also seems to have completely resolved other things she was having trouble with, mainly digestive issues, etc. and is overall a happy healthy baby. :) 

 I need to drag my other little lady to see him!!!! ASAP!" -SF

The results of his work have opened our eyes to a whole new way of healing. 

Dr. Rubin's medical background, calm demeanor, and experience in his field make a visit to his office different from traditional doctor visits.  He takes time to get to know his patients, answer questions, and approach symptoms or issues in ways that make sense.  After many visits to our pediatrician and an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist, we were told that our three and a half year old would undoubtedly need ear tubes and that time was of the essence.  Over the course of a year, our son had many ear infections followed by strong doses of antibiotics.  He had a remarkable amount of fluid in his ears that nothing seemed to relieve.  As parents, it is our responsibility to research all options for our children in order to make educated decisions in their best interest; especially when it is concerning their health.  Dr. Rubin was highly recommended to us by a friend.  My husband and I were not familiar with Osteopathic Treatment.  Upon our first visit, Dr. Rubin was extremely knowledgeable and comforting, taking time to answer all of our questions and educating us about his practice and philosophy.  The morning after the first treatment, we noticed an immediate change in our son. After only two visits, the E.N.T. informed us that he no longer had any fluid in his ears and his hearing was perfect.  Both of my children have been to see Dr. Rubin and we have confidently referred him to many of our friends and family members.  The results of his work have opened our eyes to a whole new way of healing.  We are thankful to have found Dr. Rubin and believe that he is a remarkable asset to the medical community." -T&B D

In the best of hands...

"I've known Dr. Rubin for several years and was his first patient when he began practicing Osteopathic Medicine. Since I had seen other osteopaths in past years who couldn't help me, I knew pretty quickly that Dr. Rubin was extremely skilled and even gifted in his ability to diagnose and successfully treat osteopathic conditions. He also has exceptional knowledge about showing patients corrective exercises to compliment his treatment and therefore facilitate improvement. I found him to be extremely dedicated, caring and interested in his patients. He has given me a tremendous amount of help in relieving my pain and helping me function better. I recommend Dr. Rubin very highly and know that anyone going to him will be in the best of hands." -CS

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